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Which NAS HDD Should I Buy? (2014) | Reports | APH Networks

Which NAS HDD Should I Buy? (2014) | Reports

By: Jonathan Kwan

July 14, 2014

Would you rather be spoiled for choice, or have no choice at all? More often than not, if we have no option at all, then we would complain, because we have no option. If we have many options, we would also complain, because it is hard to make a decision. Here at APH Networks, we have recently covered three 4TB hard drives from all three major brands. This included the Deskstar NAS from HGST, NAS HDD ST4000VN000 from Seagate, and Red WD40EFRX 4TB from Western Digital. Ostensibly, they all serve the exact same purpose. Realistically, they all do it in a different way. To summarize what we have found in the trio of standalone reviews, here is a brief overview of our contestants in perspective, as well as the results. If you would like further detail, be sure to click on the links to dig into the full review for each product!


via Which NAS HDD Should I Buy? (2014) | Reports | APH Networks.

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