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2018 Cooler Master Case Mod World Series officially begins


Cooler Master Case Mod World Series

The #CMWS18 Case Mod World Series officially begins now. Each year, modders from around the world showcase their creative ideas and craftsmanship with the most inspiring and jaw-dropping creations to push the limits of PC design.  Brought to you by a community of modders and creators, this year #CMWS18 will crown the best MOD creations and take it to a whole new level.

With so many different styles of case modding it is only right that Cooler Master has different categories that you can enter.

Your entry must be built with a Cooler Master Case
All Cooler Master cases are acceptable regardless of size or year released
The case must still retain its original look and structure to be considered a Tower category
If you use a Cooler Master Case, but you modified the overall frame and structure then it will be considered a ‘SCRATCH BUILD’
Your entry must be built without the use of a pre-existing Case
There is no limitation on what materials can be used to house components
Final project must contain at least one Cooler Master product that is clearly identifiable (fans are acceptable)
If a pre-existing case is used in your mod process no other manufacturer logos from said case can be displayed in the final project

Your cooling solution must be a working solution for managing the temperature of the mod
There is no limitation on materials used as part of the cooling
This sub-category is a bonus award, which means your entry still qualifies for Tower, Scratch and People’s Choice and any other sub-categories

More categories and awards will be announced.

So how can you enter? Just follow these easy steps at the Cooler Master Case Mod World Series 2018 website

Sign up and create your profile by March 15, 2018
Update your profile with a photo and cover photo
Edit your display name to your modding name
Add as much information in the ABOUT section of you and a summary of your #CMWS18 entry
Make sure you are using Chrome, Firefox browser and not Internet Explorer

Start adding your work log by creating posts throughout your project by logging into your profile
Create as many posts as you need to show the entire MOD process from start to finish
Add the right category for post as either ‘Tower Mod’ or ‘Scratch Build’
Complete your work log posts before the final submission date May 1, 2018
Use #CMWS18 for all your work log updates online
We encourage you to share your work log entries on social media

Take 5 – 10 high-resolution photos of your final mod
Add the CMWS logo as a watermark – Download Here
Create a new post and title it ‘Your Modding Name – Your Project Name’
Add a description and specs of your mod
Insert up to 10 photos and up to 3 videos
Add the category as ‘FINAL SUBMISSION’
If done correctly, you should see your entry in the ‘VOTE NOW’ tab (not live yet)
The final step is to fill out the final submissions form which will be live from March 1, 2018

Go to the Cooler Master Case Mod World Series website right now and enter! Also if you have questions or want to know about the prizes please check out the website.

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