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DropCam Wireless IP Camera



dropcam wireless ip camera dropcam wireless ip camera

 The packaging of the Dropcam wireless IP camera is nice and simple. The front of the box prominently displays the camera inside as well as gives a little bit of information on the device’s intended usage. The backside of the box details “how it works” by explaining that the camera connects to cloud storage and you get to watch from Dropcam’s servers.

dropcam wireless ip camera dropcam wireless ip camera

Tucked neatly inside the box is everything that you need to get the camera up and running, as long as you have a wireless network. The quick start card tells you everything that you need to know to get started with the Dropcam wireless IP camera. The camera kit includes a power inverter, USB cable, camera, camera mount, mounting plate, and screws for the mounting plate.

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