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DOOM Gets Vulkan Update, Shows Significant Increase on AMD Cards


Great news for those lucky enough to get their hands on an RX 480 before it sold out everywhere. ID Software/Bethesda has rolled out an update for the updated classic first person shooter DOOM implementing Vulkan API which results in significant frame rate increase for …

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BIOS Update Enables Non-K Skylake CPU Overclocking


You reached 5GHz on air? big whoop! Any scrub can flood voltage and push unlocked “K” processors with multipliers if the cooling is capable enough. Intel’s pronouncements of a “return” to enthusiast overclocking with the CPU VRM moved back to motherboard were not exactly very …

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PSA: Thinner Skylake CPU Can Get Damaged from Cooler Mounting Pressure UPDATE: 12/7/2015


Skylake CPU’s such as the i7-6700K and i5-6600K can get damaged due to strong pressure from some air coolers, German hardware site PCGamesHardware.de reports. This is due to the thinner substrate compared to the previous generation CPUs such as Haswell. See the photo below for …

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AMD Radeon R9 380X Review: The Full Tonga

PowerColor R9 380X Myst

The new Radeon R9 380X fills up the spot between the R9 380 and the R9 390X. Featuring a full unlocked “Tonga” GCN 1.2 architecture, the R9 380X (officially “Antigua”) is designed to hit the over $199 but under $299 sweet spot to go against …

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GeForce and Radeon Benchmarked Working Together in DX12

Image courtesy of Anandtech.com

Back in 2010, a company called Lucid was promoting the concept of mixed GPUs and their technology was even adopted my some mainboard manufacturers for a short time. Lucid’s Hydra technology however did not stick around as the idea of splitting API calls and combining …

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AMD Radeon R9 Nano Review Round-Up


The embargo has finally lifted on AMD’s Radeon R9 Nano video card. Many larger sites were disappointed not being seeded for review such as TechReport, TechPowerUp and HardOCP leading up to the embargo but more reviews for the compact high-end video card is sure to …

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OCZ Trion 100 SATA SSD Released, Affiliate Review Round-up


OCZ has released their new Toshiba TLC-based SATA III SSD dubbed the Trion 100. The goal of the Trion is to deliver affordability to those who needs fast storage with its 550MB/s sequential read and 530MB/s sequential write, the Trion 100 series SSD is not …

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Affiliate Review Case Round-up Week 1 – July 2015


The recently released Phanteks EVOLV ATX case is an excellent mid-tower version of the popular micro-ATX original bringing extensive water-cooling support and even earned an “Editor’s Choice Award” from Modders-Inc when it was reviewed a few weeks ago. Our friends at HardOCP were also impressed …

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AMD Radeon 300-Series Video Card Review Round-up

MSI R9 390x

AMD’s latest Radeon 300-series video cards have now hit retail stores and reviews online have been trickling in, not as massively as it usually is when a new line is released however. Maybe because many are accusing the red team of re-branding a re-brand? Either …

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Corsair Graphite Series 780T White Full-Tower Case Review @ PCPerspective


Corsair continues to offer a huge selection of memory products, PC cases, SSDs, power supplies, coolers, gaming peripherals, and PC accessories! The 780T Full-Tower case is one of the new additions to Corsair’s Graphite Series of PC enclosures for 2015 and is available in either …

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