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OCZ RevoDrive 350 PCIe SSD (480GB) Review – Overview

The past few months have been a transition period for the company we once knew as OCZ Technology. A rebranding to OCZ Storage Solutions as well as becoming part of the Toshiba group has taken place and today we see one of the first products which benefits from the latter. OCZ’s RevoDrive 350 is a PCIe based SSD which features ... Read More »

OCZ RevoDrive 350 480GB PCI-E SSD Review

OCZ’s PCI-E SSDs may not have grabbed many headlines over the years but the new RevoDrive 350 aims to change that in a big way. Under the watchful eye of Toshiba, OCZ has effectively narrowed their focus by targeting key segments rather than taking the “let’s have something for everyone” approach of yesteryear. This plan has moved the company towards ... Read More »

What’s New: Intel Z97 Motherboards Intel Z97 Haswell, Intel Z97, LGA 1150, Motherboard, Olin Coles

Back in 2007 Intel established a Tick-Tock model that predicted that following a micro-architectural process technology die shrink (tick) that a new micro-architecture would be introduced (tock). They’ve kept to this processor model for seven years, but no such model exists for their board chipset architecture. Instead, every tick update and new tock architecture receives a fresh LGA (land grid ... Read More »

Fractal Arc XL

It’s a little crazy to think that just a few years ago Fractal stormed the market with their Scandinavian designs. Now Fractal is a common name in the enthusiast scene. They were able to do this because they never compromise on their design philosophies and their high build quality. As it turns out, people want a good product at a ... Read More »

EVGA Z87 Stinger ITX Motherboard Review

EVGA’s Z87 Stinger is one of many Haswell motherboards that are catering to the emerging ITX market.  With a price of over $200, it competes directly against ASUS’ Maximus VI Impact. EVGA Z87 Stinger ITX Motherboard Review. Read More »