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Haswell Devils Canyon Performance | Hardware Asylum

When the fourth generation Core processors were released many people complained about the poor overclocking performance. Of course overclocking is influenced by several factors including quality of the processor silicon, motherboard and cooling method. Cooling is a big factor and is why large aircoolers tend to work better than the OEM heatsink and also why most extreme overclocking is done ... Read More »

Silverstone Raven RV05 Case Review SilverStone Raven RV05 4710007221532, 84476101536, Case, David Shields, Mid Tower, Raven, Review, RV05, SilverStone, SST-RV05B

SilverStone is known for producing high quality cases that provide an excellent assortment of cooling options, though at more premium prices than other manufacturers. In 2008 SilverStone released a behemoth of a case that was dubbed the Raven RV01. The RV01 became an immediate enthusiast favorite, with striking looks and a unique design that rotated the motherboard by 90 degrees. ... Read More »

[M] Shuttle Barebone DS81 Review

The Slim PC chassis from been reincarnated in the shape of the DS81 which supports the latest Haswell processors with a TDP up to 65W and supports 4K video output thanks to the DirectX 11.1 IGP. The DS81 chassis features a 1.3-liter slim design with a thickness of only 43mm, so it is suitable for many commercial applications; a VESA ... Read More »

[M] Gigabyte Z97X-SOC FORCE Motherboard Review

Gigabyte continues to release new products in their orange themed overclocking motherboard series. The first of the OC series was the immaculate X58 OC motherboard, a trimmed down on features board, however purely designed to provide the ultimate overclocking experience. Sadly the X58 OC board arrived just a tad too late on the market to become a major selling product. ... Read More »

BitFenix Fury 550G Alchemy-Sleeved Power Supply Preview BitFenix Fury 4716779444551, 886027003169, BFP-FUR-550G-KSXK-RP, BitFenix, Fury 550G, Olin Coles

Earlier this year the BitFenix Fury PSU Series was introduced, and quickly gained interest among desktop system builders looking to benefit from the power supply’s individually-sleeved modular cables and 80 PLUS GOLD energy efficiency certification. Builders wanting to manage cables now have the option to choose the connections they need, then cleanly route the sleeved wires through smaller spaces. In ... Read More »

NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet Preview

Depending on who you speak to, NVIDIA’s original SHIELD is either an amazing success or a device that failed to find its niche. Regardless of what pundits may say, SHIELD was conceived as a simple technology showcase that combined seemingly disparate elements into a cohesive and actually quite successful ecosystem. We always had the perception that it was a pet ... Read More »

SB Inferno Gaming Headset

A few years ago, we used to see the fatal1ty headsets all over the place at events. They were without a doubt the best low budget gaming headset on the market. They performed well and took a beating without falling apart. Even now, it is still one of the highest rated headsets on Newegg. Here we are seven years later ... Read More »