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Western Digital My Passport Ultra Portable Hard Drive Review

Today we are taking a look at Western Digital’s performance portable drive, the My Passport Ultra. This drive offers up exceptional speeds through USB 3.0 with up to 2TB of capacity. Combine that with an incredibly small and slim package and this drive looks to have a lot of promise. Read on to see how it performs. via Western Digital My ... Read More »

Sapphire R9 285 Dual-X OC 2 GB Review | techPowerUp

The specific card we’re reviewing today is the Sapphire Radeon R9 285 Dual-X OC, a factory-overclocked implementation by AMD’s leading AIB partner that offers overclocked speeds of 965 MHz on the core and 5.60 GHz on the memory. Its most striking feature is the Dual-X cooling solution, which may not win beauty contests, but earned the reputation of being one ... Read More »

CORSAIR Graphite 380T Computer Case Review

During Computex 2014, Corsair have shown their latest additions to their gaming enclosures. Besides the Carbide Air 250, a shrinked version of their popular 540 Air Cube case, Corsair jumped on the ultra portable mITX gaming enclosures band wagon with the new Graphite 380T, a futuristic design with rounded corners, featuring a big carrying handle and designed to support long ... Read More »

The Intel Core i7-5960X Haswell-E LGA2011-V3 Processor Reviewed

Haswell-E is here. Well, technically, it’s been “here” for a while but has undergone refinements throughout the last year to ready itself for launch. One of those refinements was more performance and cooler operating temperatures. Without creating a whole new architecture, the only feasible direction, given the current TDP and heat challenges facing Haswell, was to refine the silicon, add more cores, lower ... Read More »

Silicon Power Slim S70 240GB SSD Review

Although we see new products get launched all the time that doesn’t mean that we have to discard old ones and the best possible example i can come up with are cars since i bet there’s at least 1 really old car that each and every single one of us likes. So cars like the Pontiac Trans-Am (1982 model) which ... Read More »

Plextor M6 Pro SSD Review –

One of the more impressive SSDs in recent times was the Plextor M5 range. Regardless of the form factor, SATA or mSATA, it performed very well. The Plextor M6 Pro SSD replaces the M5 series at the top end of their product range and today we have one to review. via Plextor M6 Pro SSD Review – Read More »

[M] HIS R9 290 iPower IceQ X2 OC 4GB GDDR5 Video Card Review

By using a proven high-quality cooling system and also adding a few bonuses like a custom backplate, HIS is releasing a pre-overclocked R9 290 which trades punches with the Nvidia GTX 770. While the factory overclock is quite mild, we will be able to raise the clocks even further in order to enhance the gaming experience even more. via [M] ... Read More »

ASUS H97-PRO GAMER Motherboard | Hardware Secrets

“The ASUS H97-PRO GAMER is a mid-range socket LGA1150 motherboard based on the new Intel H97 chipset, supporting the fourth and the forthcoming fifth generation Core i processors. It brings high-end audio codec, six SATA-600 ports (allowing one SATA Express connection), and six USB 3.0 ports. Let’s take a good look at it.” ASUS H97-PRO GAMER Motherboard | Hardware Secrets. Read More »

XTracGear Ripper Review (Page 1 of 4) | APH Networks

Lately, I have been looking for a new vehicle to replace my old 2002 Toyota Corolla. After searching online and looking high and low throughout the city for cars that I liked, there were still three or four models that I had my eye on. It was a contest between the Toyota Corolla Sport, Toyota Camry SE, Honda Accord Sport, ... Read More »

[M] CRYORIG R1 Universal CPU Cooler Review

Today we take a look at the first stallion out of the stable from a newly founded company called CRYORIG. CRYORIG consists of a group of talented engineers who have previously work experience from the likes of Thermalright, Prolimatech and other high end CPU cooler manufacturers. These high end computer part enthusiasts send us product with impressive specs and easy ... Read More »