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Fractal Design New Ion PSUs brings UltraFlex to SFX

UltraFlex SFX Power Supply

Fractal Design New Ion PSUs brings UltraFlex to SFX fractal design, GOLD PSU, modular, Power Supplies, psu, sfx, sfx-L, UltraFlex™ 1You can still find affordable and dependable power supplies in today’s market. Fractal Design, the manufacturer behind the Ion Series of power supplies, has just released its newest Ion power supplies with UltraFlex cables to SFX series.

The Ion SFX Gold power supplies are high-performance power supplies that come with modular cable flexibility (UltraFlex) and are whisper quiet. The footprint of SFX power supplies is smaller than the traditional PSUs however it does houses a large 120 mm fan for better airflow and quieter operation. This is partially due to its semi-passive Zero RPM mode that only uses a fan when it is absolutely needed.


The Ion SFX Series also features our revolutionary new UltraFlex™ DC cabling, an extremely high strand-count wire with specially formulated insulation affording all the efficiency and current capacity of competing for products but with significantly less bulk. UltraFlex™ cables bend and twist effortlessly to eliminate the inherent hassles of traditional rigid power supply wiring to make installation and cable-routing easier than ever before.

Ion SFX is in 500 and 650-watt capacities, both equipped with a full electrical protection suite, 80 PLUS® Gold Certification, and an extensive 10-year warranty. MSRP pricing of these two models is $ 89.99 USD and $109.99 respectively which is a great price for this type of quality.


Read more on these new power supplies right here.

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