OPSEAT Master Series Gaming Chair Review

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With the rise of Twitch and competitive gaming encompassing greater audiences than ever before, we the viewers are used to seeing the streamer with a standard toolbox of accessories. The boom mic hanging off to the corner, the click clack of a high end mechanical keyboard and the granddaddy of the peripherals the high end gaming chair, paint the picture for what is Twitch-Star. For most of us though, the steep price tags associated with gaming chairs made them seemed doomed to live in wishlist purgatory. However, like anything sought after, eventually a heavenly beacon of a wallet saving compassionate goodness comes to the masses to share the love. This comes in the form of OPSEAT, a relatively new contender to the gaming chair space but making big waves with their chairs that come in at seventy-five to a hundred dollars cheaper compared to similar models. With this savings though, did OPSEAT cut the feel and finish of the more expensive brands for just looks, or did they place a foothold in the gaming community and asset their dominance with a tactful “GG EZ” to their competitors?

Review Sample Provided by: OPSEAT
Product Name: Master Series Gaming Chair
Price at time of review: $ 249.99 USD
Product was given in exchange for work done to produce this review.


Weight51.0 lbs
Chair-TypeGaming Chair
MaterialMetal Frame/Synthetic Leather
Warranty1 Year
Weight Limit350lbs
Height44-47 in.
Width25 in.

My first impression of this was the larger than life sized box that appeared on my front door step. Following this came the weight of the package, which prompts a small safety warning to lift with your knees not your back. There is an old saying that weight usually goes hand and hand with the quality of product, which I am hoping to be true about the OPSEAT Master Series gaming chair. OPSEAT took the high ground with their packaging, offering a cardboard box that was actually meant to contain the chair as well as bumps and bruises it may encounter during shipping.

This is a good sign that OPSEAT packs the contents properly, and that they are not just flopping around during transit possibly causing damage to the chair. On the top of the box there is a warning not to cut the box, this is something that should not be ignored as there is the likely hood of slicing the fabric on the chair. If you really feel the urge to use a cutter then I recommend using a shallow setting on a box cutter, where just the very edge of the blade is exposed.

Prior to this shot, there is a single piece of cardboard that was removed that sat between the back piece of the gaming chair and the outside. As advised by the warning on the outside of the box, do NOT cut the box, a knife or other sharp tool could easily damage the fabric. Much like most of the components, OPSEAT goes above the call and wraps them all in a protective plastic to help prevent scuffing/damage to the pieces.

Beneath the protective foam sheet, lies the chairs base, lumbar/ neck pillows, boxes containing the casters and accent pieces. All of come protected with either bubble wrap shrouds or plastic wrappings.

Removing the boxes and pillows first will allow the chairs base to be easily removed. Be warned however, the base piece, although slim is deceptively heavy, which considering it is the foundation of your throne, is not a bad thing.

The manner in which this piece was packed was quite impressive. Not only did OPSEAT, wrap the seat in plastic like the other pieces as well as have a foam sheet between the base and seat, they wrapped the brackets for the back assembly in foam and lined the seat with dense foam to prevent shifting during transit.

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