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PowerColor R9 285 2GB Turbo Duo Review: It Takes Two to Tonga

PowerColor R9 285 TurboDuo

The battle for video card supremacy is an ongoing conflict that rages all year. Prices change constantly, affected by several factors including even non-gaming related activities (such as crypto-currency mining). Performance updates are constant as well, not just in terms of seasonal hardware changes but driver efficiencies for the same video card provides framerate increase and additional features once in ...

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BIOSTAR Reveals the TA970 Plus AMD Motherboard


It looks like AMD’s FX line is still alive and well despite its age. In fact, our 990FX motherboard reviews have been one of the most popular articles on the site. Even though manufacturers have not and probably will not be releasing anymore 990FX chipset based AM3+ motherboards, those that are still creating new models prefer using the AMD 970 chipset. ...

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Enermax Launches the First Fanless Digital Power Supply


Enermax’s new DIGIFANLESS power supply is a 550W unit that offers silent performance due to its passive cooling design. The PSU is perfect for those working with audio sensitive work or simply building a quiet system. The DIGIFANLESS is also 80 Plus platinum certified with up to 93% efficiency at 230VAC between 20 and 100% load. Since the DIGIFANLESS is ...

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GIGABYTE Launches New X99 Champion Series Motherboards


You can tell a lot about the quality of a motherboard by the percentage of technical jargon in the press release that are actual technical terms versus marketing terms. This is evident in Gigabyte motherboards where they have been forthcoming about their component choices, showing the International Rectifier PowIR stage VRM instead of rebranding it as if they developed it ...

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PAX East 2015


Pax East started in 2010 as an Eastward expansion of the popular gaming expo, since then tens of thousands of gamers, cosplayers and tech fans gather in Boston to celebrate all things gaming. For Modders-Inc staff member Alex Lusakhpuryan, attending has become a tradition and this year he was there to witness all the fun once again. Check out the ...

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NVIDIA’s Titan X Graphics Card Takes Center Stage at GDC


During EPIC CEO Tim Sweeney’s keynote address, NVIDIA CEO Jen Hsun Huang made a surprise appearance carrying a box containing NVIDIA’s latest and greatest graphics card: The Titan X. Not much details were revealed yet but what is known is that the Maxwell-based graphics card will have eight billion transistors and a 12GB framebuffer. The unveiling was a response at ...

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