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Cooler Master 2012 Case Mod Contest

Cooler Master Case Mod Contest


If you’re a case modder you need to get involved with the Awesome CoolerMaster Case Mod Competition for 2012, go and register on the competition website.


  1. Registration: Aug 6th, 2012 – Sept 7th, 2012
  2. Worklog update: Aug 6th, 2012 – Dec 7th, 2012
  3. Final submission date – Dec 7th 2012
  4. Voting: Dec 10,2012 – Dec 14th ,2012
  5. Winners Announced: Dec 20th ,2012

You’ll have 5 months to get your mod together before the December cut-off date and can enter under either one of the tree categories: Scratch Build, Tower Mod or the new Cooler Mod section.


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