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We are not just a pretty face, we work hard at what we like to do and been part of, magazine articles and special events all for the sake of case modding.

The 2013 Modders-Inc Staff vs Staff Mod-Off sponsored by Thermaltake final results


  The Modders-Inc Booth at Quakecon 2013 and the Staff vs Staff Mod-Off mods on display! That’s right folks CPUMag.com / Computer Power User magazine, has been graciously covering our Modders-Inc Staff vs Staff Mod-Off in their great informative publication. Well, in the October issue ...

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Modders-Inc mentioned on CNN’s website

Modders Inc., the sponsors of a contest for the best modified computers

Modders-Inc was mentioned in a article on the CNN website in the Tech section. [quote]Modders Inc., the sponsors of a contest for the best modified computers, showed off what was possible with a display incorporating imagery from the game “Fallout.”[/quote] It seems to me that ...

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Modders-Inc at the Cooler Master Suite at CES 2010

Modder-Inc at Cooler Master Suite for CES 2010

Modders-Inc’s own Dewayne Carel (a.k.a “Americafreak”) created a case for Cooler Master to display at their suite for the 2010 CES in Las Vegas.What he wanted to do with the case mod was to showcase it like a new style of case. Make it modded ...

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NVIDIA ION Contest in CPU Magazine

Nvidia ION Contest

In the very popular computer magazine that features case mods; CPU Magazine has a full two page spread that highlights the NVIDIA ION Case Modding Contest that we are hosting here at Modders-Inc. The articles introduces the Pro Modders that are making the ION case ...

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.:vVv:. by XcaliburFX

.:vVv:. by ~XcaliburFX~

CPU Magazine saw fit to put .:vVv:. on the cover of its November 2009 – Vol. 9 Issue 11 issue. "Venimus, Vidimus, Vicimus is named after a Call of Duty/Unreal Tournament clan that McGuire has been a member and co-leader of for more than six ...

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Modders-Inc at QuakeCon 2009

Modders-Inc at Quakecon 2009

  We had a great time doing the workshop and as you will see so did the members of the audience. They are the ones that really made the event fun. We would like to say a very heartfelt thanks our sponsors of the event ...

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Top 100 Web Sites by PC Mag

Top 100 Web Sites by PC Mag

We have been really hard to bring the best that we could to you our readers and friends and it looks like our blood, sweat, and tears is beinging to pay off. Thank you PCMag.com!

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Hawg Wild by Xcaliburfx

Hawg Wild Harley Case Mod

Our very own staff member ~Xcaliburfx~ had the privileged of getting one of his mods in the pages of MaximumPC. Mr.~X~ was going through one of his favorite local computer shops when he stumbled upon a case in the trash pile. I guess it was ...

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Tazz Modders-Inc’s Green Flame on the cover of CPU

Green Flame Case Mod by Tazz

Americanfreak and I are always trying to showcase our mods to help promote the site and the hobby. AF and I have been hitting one large event a year since we started Modders-Inc.com. Each year we try to take at least one mod with us ...

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Modding Article in Computer Power User (CPU) Magazine


Here is an excerpt from the beginning of the article. Dremel Dreams Make Your Chassis A Masterpiece You’ve been bitten by the modding bug and have finished your first modded case. You added a LED-lighted fan, mastered the spray can one-color case change, and maybe ...

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