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The 2013 Modders-Inc Staff vs Staff Mod-Off sponsored by Thermaltake final results


The Modders-Inc Booth at Quakecon 2013 and the Staff vs Staff Mod-Off mods on display!

That’s right folks / Computer Power User magazine, has been graciously covering our Modders-Inc Staff vs Staff Mod-Off in their great informative publication. Well, in the October issue CPU Magazine, which is available now, the 2013 Staff vs Staff Mod-Off sponsored by Thermaltake final results are in.

  Judged by a panel of seven master modders, (Jeremy “E.E.L. Ambiense” Birch, Richard “DarthBeavis” Surroz, Brian “Boddaker” Carter, Rod “[TB]Rod” Rosenberg, Ton “TiTON” Khowdee, Bob “BS Mods” Stewart, and Ken “TGS” Kirby), from the CPU magazine series “Modding Masters”, you can be sure that the judges scrutinized each mod to the finest details. Below you will see some actual page images from CPU magazine that will have almost all the information on the 2013 Staff vs Staff Mod-Off sponsored by Thermaltake final results.


First let’s start with the rules the Staff vs Staff Mod-Off had to follow.

The rules were as follows:

  • We each had to start with the same case provided by Thermaltake. We got to decide the case we were all to mod, and we chose to go with the Thermaltake Urban S41.
  • We then decided to pick a theme for our mods to keep us on the same playing field. We decided to choose video game themes, that were created by either id Software or Bethesda.
  • We were allowed to have some help on getting some of our items either painted or created, in other words we could farm some of the work out.
  • Our completion time was very short, as we didn’t decided which direction to go until somewhere around the middle of June and Quakecon 2013 would be their debut. Since Quakecon began August 1st, for us to either ship or transport our case mods there, we were cut down to just about a 30 day time on building our Bethesda themed mods, as they must be on display at QuakeCon 2013 on August 1st.
  • Our final rule was that we could only spend $250 to create the actual case mod, which in turn would limit how much we could actually spend on any outside help, and any materials we might need to complete our mods.
  • However, any sponsored hardware did not count towards the $250 limit, but all staff members had to be offered the same sponsored items. It was left up to the each individual modder to use the sponsored item or not in their mods.


The 2013 Staff vs Staff Mod-Off sponsored by Thermaltake final results

CPU Mag Cover Oct-2013CPU Magazine: October | Vol. 13 Iss. 10


CPU Mag -- Modders-Inc Mod-Off 2013 – The Results Are In

CPU Mag -- 1st Place Fallout 3 ModFirst Place – AmericanFreak: Fallout 3 Mod

CPU Mag -- 2nd Place SKYRIM World EaterSecond Place – XcaliburFX: SKYRIM “World Eater”

CPU Mag -- 3rd Place WolfensteinThird Place – Tech-Daddy: Wallenstein “Dritter Wolf”


  We hope you enjoyed reading articles as much as we enjoyed being able to build the mods. Be sure to check out the work logs of each of our mods on the Modders-Inc forums, as well as all of the other great mods in progress, not to mention all of the great informative posts and advice you can get there, simply by just asking. The work logs for the above mods can be found here.


Thank You CPU Magazine!

  Be sure to read the full magazine and all the great articles within CPU magazine, either pic up a complimentary copy at places like Micro Center or Tiger Direct, or visit the Digital Edition here, and once the newer issues come out you will also be able to view archived issues of the past issues at Computer Power User Digital Editions here

  We graciously thank CPU magazine for covering out Staff vs Staff Mod-Off, as well as covering the Modders-Inc Modding Contest at Quakecon 2013 this year. The computer enthusiast and modding communities are truly fortunate to have such a great magazine that is willing to step forward and promote our passions in the computing and modding fields.

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