Wheel of Destiny Case Mods #1 Giveaway by EVGA and Modders-Inc

Wheel of Destiny Case Mods #1 Giveaway by EVGA and Modders-Inc

Wheel of Destiny Case Mods #1

What is this? Just something that EVGA and Modders-Inc are working together on. We are creating a series of case mods that you, the public, can suggest we build. EVGA will be supplying the hardware while Modders-Inc will be doing the heavy work of creating the case mod. This is how it will work.

  1. Suggestions of what theme the case mod should be about will be taken in the comments at the bottom of the page
  2. Suggestions for Wheel of Destiny Case Mods #1 will be take from January 31st through February 9th.
  3. The spinning of the wheel will be on February 10th at 7pm PST
  4. 6 suggestion, picked at random, will be placed on the Wheel of Destiny at WheelDecide.com
  5. A Facebook/Youtube live will be done to show the spinning of the wheel and the announcement of the winners
  6. The first spin of the wheel or a random winner from the Gleam app will win an EVGA TORQ X10 Carbon Gaming Mouse

  7. The final spin of the wheel will be the suggestion that is used for the case mod theme. Whomever suggested the selected theme will win a EVGA  Z270 FTW K  Motherboard


This contest is available to anyone WORLDWIDE. EVGA will ship the prizes directly to the winner(s). Any extra possible taxes/VATS/duties/custom fees incurred through shipment depending on their country/region would be sole responsibility of the winner however.

For your suggestion to be considered for the Wheel of Destiny Case Mods #1 follow the instructions below

By using the form below you must do the following 
1- Subscribe to the Modders-Inc YouTube page
2- Visit the Modders-Inc Facebook
3- Visit the EVGA Facebook

Wheel of Destiny Case Mods #1 by EVGA and Modders-Inc

Pretty simple right! Please make sure that you follow along in the forums for the worklog as you never know there might be something happening in there as well.

OH! Make sure you stay connected as you will also want to see what we do with the case after it is completed! Who know there could be another giveaway or something…

Modders-Inc and EVGA are doing this as a joint effort to help promote EVGA’s Mods Rig and Gear Up programs that help you, the case modder, gain support and exposure for your case mod.

EVGA Mods Rigs Mods Rigs

Post your system on EVGA’s Mods Rigs web program and win a chance for EVGA to sponsor your system with 1,000 EVGA Bucks in product. For every 200 systems that meet the criteria below, EVGA will sponsor another user with 1,000 EVGA Bucks in product. If your system is included in a random drawing and you do not win, your system will roll into the next drawing.




Gear Up With EVGA custom case modding sponsorship program

Got a cool custom case mod idea? We’d love to hear about it! With the Gear Up With EVGA program, we’ll help provide you with some excellent EVGA computer components, so you can worry more about designing your custom case instead of worrying about what products to put inside your finished build.




  • EVGA and Modders-Inc reserve the right to modify the rules, dates, times, prizes or sponsors at any time due to any circumstances.
  • EVGA and Modders-Inc reserves the right to disqualify any participant who is thought to be cheating in any way. Entries of disqualified participants will be withdrawn from the competition.
  • All Participants are solely responsible for any extra costs or expenses acquired as a result of participating in the Competition.
  • EVGA and Modders-Inc under no circumstance whatsoever be liable for any delays, changes, disruptions, cancellations, diversions or substitutions, unavailability of product, hardware, and prize(s) due to any other conditions affecting availability or enjoyment of the prize(s).

Picking the winners and case mod theme video.

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  1. hard-detailed wooden case mod!

  2. Volcano/Magma

  3. Donnie Darko

  4. All-copper mod (copper plate, copper tubes)

  5. Would love to see a Resident Evil 7 mod theme! <3

  6. How about a mod that looks like a retro jukebox? aka a ‘Gaming Jukebox’

  7. Christopher Walken theme

  8. I would love to see Modders-Inc do a Firefly theme based on the Serenity Ship

  9. How about deadpool.

  10. Jordi Fernández García

    How about a home fridge theme?

  11. The Witcher mod would love to see the wolf medallion on the case with some sword crossing behind it

  12. Steampunk

  13. Angelo Batista do Nascimento

    Lunar year.

  14. Haze Grey and Underway Theme. Battleship Grey as overall color with Branches of Service represented has highlights and details.

  15. white and aluminium open case with a modern art design

  16. Classic Wizardry

  17. Full tower.. with neon inside with well enough room to add internal drives and easy to work in.. Plastic/glass on the side to see neon nicely. ;)

  18. T-Rex case mod. Make the case it’s head and mouth with side panel area it’s mouth and you look threw the teeth to see inside. Red leds for blood.

  19. Pure Mirror Case (PMC)

  20. Final Fantasy themed mod

  21. try to do a back to the future theme

  22. Destiny game theme? For the wheel of Destiny?

  23. The Doge. Much Mod. Such overclock.

  24. How about an Arcade box mod where the case is an Arcade classic or with the window being the Arcade screen. It will show how far games come from one game Arcade machine to a PC full of games!

  25. Rings theme (movie) would be awesome! :)

  26. A liquid cooling clockwork gears mod where when the rig starts pumping, the coolant courses through the gears and you see them move.

  27. Casino theme!

  28. Overwatch Theme

  29. Black case , red and gold parts inside kind of like dexus theme

  30. Id like to see a old school sega theme sega the game console

  31. Ops like sonic and ls but with knuckles the red guy

  32. I see some fantastic ideas on here already but my focus (and a lot of other peoples) now-a-days is on the environment so I would suggest along those lines. Perhaps the Native Americans Mother Earth.

  33. (continued from before) The perfect blend of science & nature!

  34. It was already said, but I also would love a Serenity Ship from Firefly mod.

    I’m also liking the idea of a steampunk theme. Especially for a water cooling system that would probably be awesome.

    Last but not least: something along the lines of a space port or space station. Maybe in the style of the Mass Effect Citadel or something like that?

  35. Underwater, picture this……lots of blue LED’s with seaweed (not the real deal) and maybe a couple of fish (Nemo prefferably) i think this would look really cool built around the right sort of blue liquid cooling and a coral reef sort of thing at the bottom of the case.

  36. Theme VEGAS/CASSINO, full of light like in las vegas, games, poker and all theme on PC MOD.

  37. I would love to see a case that looks like a fish tank.

  38. The avengers. So with an iron man themed front, a captain America back panel, and hulk inside

  39. Use a tree trunk and cut in half and hollow it out. Nice thick coat of clear.

  40. Rooster theme for this Lunar year

  41. Companion cube themed case.

  42. The walking dead

  43. Darksouls 3 (or 1) theme should be awesome

  44. Darksoul 3 (or 1) theme should be awesome

  45. Star wars themed case (why i can’t see my post?)

  46. I would like to see a build using a lot of carbon fiber. Kind of a stealthy feel to it. PETG tubing with black liquid and silver accents.

  47. bioshock theme

  48. Pinball themed case or table

  49. Ghost in the shell

  50. Warhammer, Skaven/Wyrdstone build. Bonus points for a usable diorama piece.

  51. CS GO skin M4A4 ASSIMOV theme… best for gamers and CS GO fans..

  52. Cs go M4A4 assimov skin theme.. gamers will love it especially cs gamers.

  53. BTW any CS Go theme would be appreciated..

  54. Something along the lines of Arkham Asylum outside, Joker or bane themed interior.

  55. A portal 2 case mod would be amazing!!

  56. A Star Distroyer theme.

  57. “Wake the Monster”

    A case where it’s all black or dark color, and then there is 2 holes (Or 1 hole like a Cyclops) like eyes in the front and then put the LED fans.

    So, every time you turn on your PC, it look like the Monster just waking up from asleep. You can put RGB fans instead of the standard LED fans, but it will look like a drunk Monster.

    The only cons is there is no side window to show your component, or else it will look like the monster only have half body. Or maybe, it’s better to put the side window, so it look like the monster have scar from a battle.

    Or maybe put the holes on the side?
    It’s up to you!

  58. White and a purple setup. MY FAVOURITE 2 COLOURS!

  59. Or you could do a Gta5 theme build. Where all the computer parts are shaped into a v. Black and White led’s with pictures of Micheal,Franklin and Trevor.

  60. i think rick and morty theme cpu.. in thinking the water loop just like rick and morty theme color and add some science crazy stuff inside and outside the case.. i imagining a science laboratory inside.. especially put white rgb lights inside, then set it to blinking mode just like a thunder effect lighting.. hahahaa add weathering effect outside the case and to some fans.. and put rick and morty logo in the other side of the cover “the wire side of the cover”.. just an idea!! can you make it the water loop go thru inside and outside the case?? and put some test tube inside.. i bet this is a lot of work to do.. but this is just my idea.. thanks! and good luck too all!

  61. Black and Gold Hexagon styled case… call it the killer bee XD

  62. Something:
    Star Trek
    Doctor Who
    Anything Gaming AIO (all the platforms) ~ I know, but a guy can dream.

  63. Steampunk but not over-the-top just a bit gizmo and gadget-ey

  64. Mexico/US Border Wall build XD

  65. The Avengers or Justice League would be great. Comic book heroes are all the rage now.

  66. The human body. Outside case wrapped/painted to look like cut or ripped skin and the inside should have a bloody look with ribs and stuff. If water cooled, have coolant blood red and the resevoir in a heart shape if possible.

  67. Army of Darkness mod

  68. I would love to see a Resident Evil theme.

  69. How about a Sin City theme, so base colours black and white and then there are some cool colours to add and play around with in the build that can be seen in the movies. Cheers!

  70. America, Chris Kyle Mod!

  71. Alien theme- get some inspiration from the old Alienware predator cases

  72. It would be cool to see a PC themed around dark and creepy swamps, haven’t seen one PC like that, so that would be cool in my opinion.

  73. Japanese mythology style. Samurai vs. yokai theme, to be precise, for the upcoming release of Nioh.

  74. Lightning theme, maybe?

  75. The enemy’s gate is down (Ender’s Game)

  76. “The Movies”

  77. Dragons!

  78. Cases inspired by the natural environment. There’s a whole world of material inspiration here! Natural look materials can also blend well with existing furniture in places, compared to typical gaming machines that look out of place.

    I’d start with a wooden theme that could have different variants and colours. This would make it easy to match your existing home. Other environments could include frosted glass effect for an Artic theme, sand coated for desert, etc.

  79. USS Enterprise from Star Trek

  80. Hola to the entire team !!!
    and thanks for this giveaway with evga !!
    and since i’m a big fan of planes, i would suggest an Air Force theme !! i’m pretty you would do something really cool, something that would fly me to the moon ^^ lol
    have a good week end !!
    Michal (@gunners1981 on youtube)

  81. How about a Valentine’s day build?

  82. Chuck Norrys theme!

  83. I’m thinking of going with the idea of a wheel. How about wheels of steel? In other words, a turntable. Could you make a case that resembles a classic Technic SL1200?

  84. A Rick & Morty themed case would be rad :D

  85. Destined for Destiny, Wheels of feels, Steels of time.

  86. create a mass effect theme for the upcoming game

  87. A reimagining of the O’Niell Cylinder space settlement in a dark futuristic theme. I’m imagining a segmented cylinder case where each segment rotates opposite to each other and also overlaps each other. The segments would have gaps where the pc parts would peek out. Extra idea would be to implement a rotating wheel around the cylinder case simulating a rotating wheel space station. Going even further, could add fiber optic lights to mimic mini windows on the cylinder space settlement case mod. Would be cool, but I think its too ambitious.

  88. Pepé Le Pew theme, black and white skunk markings :)

  89. You should do a futuristic theme if you haven’t already done so or you can try a building/s theme like famous buildings from major cities that everyone knows about… Just a suggestion

  90. Tron based mod would look sweet

  91. Please do a War of the Worlds “The Fighting Machine” PC case mod. Thanks.

  92. Mad Max

    Everyone loved the movie. The game was awesome too, in my opinion.

  93. Borderlands Mod

  94. The Greatest Mod (Ask Anyone)

    A giant Trump Head. (Fan exhaust out the mouth, of course.)

  95. A Doritos themed case with an integrated chip heater.

  96. I’d love to see a winter-themed mod. Ice, snow, etc

  97. 1.A pc similar to a race car(a normal case , not a case in form of a race car ) with EVGA sttickers.
    2.Blade runner inspired PC.
    3.Make a pc inspired by the American Civil war .

  98. An Overwatch PC. Don’t be short on the orange

  99. Guardians of the Galaxy themed build.

  100. A Dragon Ball Z themed case, with those crazy colors, Goku, Gohan and Goten

  101. A D.Va themed case mod with her bunny icon on the front of the case.

  102. Blade Runner

  103. Underwater city, all lit up.

  104. ” ZEUS ” ZEUS was the King of the Gods and the god of the sky, weather, law and order, destiny and fate, and kingship. http://www.exfig.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/zeus-final-low.jpg

  105. My favorite game: Sid Meier’s Civilization

  106. You should make the “red devil” case mod which would be red,obviously, but with some black in it so it can look more hardcore than all the other mods.

  107. Evil Dead themed

  108. Victorian Gothic!

  109. Christopher Walken. It’s nice

  110. Post-apocalyptic case mod with green neons (kinda like Fallout 3 but not necessarily based on that game)

  111. Batman or Japanese robots themes.

  112. Terminator Theme

  113. Comment section is now closed for this contest. Thank you all for suggestions and good luck on winning!

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