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Case Mod Monday – Pac-Man PC

Chomp, chomp, chomp...

30 years ago an arcade game was released that helped change the video game scene forever. Pac-Man was given to the world in 1980 and in 2020 this version has risen. Karl Patterson of KPmodding from Consett, UK did a few upgrades to bring up the look of the cabinet and gameplay for a more modern version. Using some items from Bitspower, Intel, Seagate, Seagategaming, and ASUS Republic of Gamers. As you will see Karl took some key colors from the art that resides on the outside of the cabinet and used it on the PC section of the Pac-Man arcade cabinet. This creates a consistent more pleasing look that draws your attention to it.

For me, this brings back personal memories as I was working at one of the largest arcades in the US, know as Golf-N-Stuff in Arizona. I had lots of up-close and personal time with the original Pac-Man and I have to say that this version is way cooler!


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