1St Player MK6 Bullet Hunter Keyboard

Slick, Mechanical, RGB at an Affordable Price

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An affordable RGB keyboard is not hard to find. But finding one that looks and performs like a champ at an affordable price could be a challenge. Over the years we have looked at numerous keyboard with different types of switches and to tell you the truth it is becoming harder and harder to tell which one is going to last you the longest. 1StPlayer is a young company that specializes in gaming products such as mice, keyboards and mouse pads. Their newest gaming product is a keyboard, MK6 Bullet Hunter. The MK6 Bullet Hunter is an RGB keyboard that has a standard 104 key layout and comes with a good amount of pre-set RGB configurations.


Review Sample Provided by: 1stPlayer
Product Name: MK6 Bullet Hunter
Price at time of review$ 59.99 USD MSRP
Product was given in exchange for work done to produce this review.



Item Bullet Hunter Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
Model MK6
Interface USB
Normal Keys 104 + 5 Extra Function Keys
LED Effect RGB Supporting Driver Control
Keyboard Dimensions 438x136x36 mm
Weight ~1KG
System Requirements Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10. Macintosh


MK6 Packaging is simple and gives very little information about the keyboard. On the back of the packaging box is a simple layout of the standard 104 keys. The information on the packaging is in two languages Chinese and English. The internal packaging consists of a plastic bubble wrap and not much else really.

Contents of the box are a small driver CD, a bag of 5 spare OUTEMU keys, a key puller and a small paper badge of the 1st Player logo.

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