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Applying Thermal Paste, the Video

How to apply thermal paste
The question that has been asked the most for decades is finally answered. Is there a right way to apply the thermal paste for your CPU cooler. Did we finally figure out this question? To try and do it the right way we knew that we had to test it on an actual motherboard with a CPU installed. Using SketchUp …

CES 2021 Is Going All-Digital

CES 2021 Is Going All-Digital
The largest electronics and tech showcase in the US will be changing the way it has operated for 50 years. A notice was sent out from Consumer Technology Association (CTA)® that CES 2021 will be an online event. Computex was also canceled in 2020 and went the digital way, and in our option, not that successful. It was up to …

Apache AH T600 - Case Mod Monday

Thermaltake Apache AH T600
When we all saw the Thermaltake AH T600 for the first time it was clear that this was styled after an Apache Helicopter. Someone was bound to create a case mod out of it and someone did. This case mod by Bernardo Mod chop (FaceBook Page) turned out just how Imaged it in my own mind on what a PC …

QuakeCon at Home PC Case Mods

QuakeCon at Home PC Case Mods
It is time to start showing off the cases that have entered the Modders Inc Case Mod Contest. As we get more entries in the contest we will add then, so make sure that you bookmark this page and check back often. We have also let the modders talk about their case, which is normally the interesting part, so they …

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