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Swiftech Has Brand New Flagship Apogee SKF Waterblock

Swiftech Prestige Apogee SKF
Swiftech is expanding on their every popular Apogee SKF Heirloom CPU waterblock with this brand new flagship that is based off this series. Swiftech has this to say about the new SKF waterblock. "With overwhelming success from our Limited Edition Apogee SKF “Heirloom Series” which truly allowed customers to “Make it personal”, we are now extremely proud to introduce the …

Patriot Viper LED Series DDR4 3000 MHz Memory Review

Patriot Viper LED Series DDR4 3000 MHz Memory Review
It’s never an easy decision on what components to use in your system. Some components are easier to choose than others. With processors, its core count and clock speed. With SSD's, it usually comes down mostly to capacity and interface. Whether its SATA or NVME. However, with memory, there are several factors to consider. You must look at speeds, dual …

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