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Modders Spotlight: Gary “NavyChief” Murphy & The Glorious PCMR Crystal 570X

RBG fever on a budget

Gary NavyChief Murphy - The Glorious PCMR Crystal 570XThe one thing that Modders-Inc has always tried to point out is that creating a personalized PC does not have to cost you a lot of money. Each year we try and do a Staff vs Staff case modding event that we show off at QuakeCon. The idea behind this is that we are restricted to to a total budget of $250. Gary “NavyChief” Murphy, know for his showroom quality case mods has created his own “budget minded” PC with his Glorious PCMR Crystal 570X PC. Gary tired to keep the case as stock as possible, except for a small color change (How to paint your PC) which he did over a weekend. The other items were off the shelf products. What Gary was is able to show is that with a little bit of planning and a small budget you can make a great looking case.


The Glorious PCMR Crystal 570X yellow paint

Over a weekend Gary was able to paint the inside of the case to yellow by using a spray can (How to paint your PC).


The Glorious PCMR Crystal 570X - 2

Along with the color change the inside of the The Glorious PCMR Crystal 570X  is adorned with the ever popular fade of RGB lighting. As you can see you can get a rather striking and attention getting PC with off the shelf items.

The Glorious PCMR Crystal 570X - 3



Murphy also sleeved the wires on the power supply to enhance the themes appearance. With other small touches here and there another super clean, but budget, case mod was created by master modder Gary “NavyChief” Murphy. Please make sue you take the time to watch the GeForce Garage video below featuring Gary and his build to hopefully help inspire your next PC build.

Images courtesy of Geforce Garage and NVIDA


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