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XPG SPECTRIX D40 RGB DDR4 3000MHz Memory Review

The XPG line of memory modules from ADATA is considered to be its enthusiast line. The  XPG SPECTRIX D40 is the first DDR-4 4 RAM that features RGB LED. The memory starts off with a base speed of 2,666MHz and is offered in speeds up to 4000Mhz. The kit featured in this review is the DDR-4 3,000MHz version. Out of …

2018 Cooler Master Case Mod World Series officially begins

2018 Cooler Master Case Mod World Series officially begins
The #CMWS18 Case Mod World Series officially begins now. Each year, modders from around the world showcase their creative ideas and craftsmanship with the most inspiring and jaw-dropping creations to push the limits of PC design.  Brought to you by a community of modders and creators, this year #CMWS18 will crown the best MOD creations and take it to a whole …

Raijintek THETIS Window Aluminum Case Review

Raijintek is not a highly known name in the US market for pc cases, but is a well-respected manufacture in other countries. During this review, we will be taking a look at the updated Thetis Classic case. The Thetis is an updated version of the popular STYX case. What set this version of the Thetis case is the addition of …

Sound BlasterX AE-5 Sound Card Review

Sound BlasterX AE-5
Over the last few generations, motherboard manufacturers have really stepped up the onboard audio on their motherboards, especially on the higher-end boards. This has sparked a debate in the community on whether an add-in sound card is even necessary anymore. Well, if you ask the guys over at Creative Labs, makers of Sound Blaster products, they would say the answer …

AMD Ryzen R3 2200G & R5 2400G Raven Ridge APU Review

AMD Raven Ridge APU
Since its launch, AMD's Ryzen CPU has been making waves in the CPU market. With Ryzen, AMD's performance has become relevant once again and the CPUs are able to compete with their Intel counterpart. The next step in updating AMD's portfolio is to release an updated APU. The Ryzen R3 2200G and R5 2400G are the next generation of AMD's …

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