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Cougar:Armor PRO Gaming Chair: Throne of Gamers

Cougar:Armor PRO Gaming Chair: Throne of Gamers
What is the most important gear of eSports professionals?  Is it the 144Hz 1080p monitor? Is it the adjustable 3200 DPI mouse?  Or a professional gaming chair that can not only relax the body but also provide the correct support for your back?  For someone who has a bad back like myself its no brainer what is important.  The chair …

Patriot Viper VPR100 NVMe SSD RGB 1TB Review

Viper VPR100
OK, let's face it, read and write speeds of SSD modules are getting ridiculous. Just a few weeks ago at CES 2020, we were able to see what PCIe Gen 4 is capable to deliver. We saw transfer speeds way over 5000MB/s (sequential read/write) and that is just the beginning. For many of us who still using PCIe Gen 3 …

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