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Closer Look at the Primochill Praxis WetbenchSX

WetbenchSX Pax Build
I’ve developed somewhat of an obsession with test benches. All my systems are now installed on some form of testbench or open-air system. The closest thing to a case I use anymore is a Thermaltake Core P5, without the glass of course. I’ve been in search of the perfect testbench. Something that can replace the Praxis as my main bench …

ModMyMods brings their A Game to Pax East

ModMyMods Hydro X build
Events such as Pax East give us as content creators a unique opportunity to not only provide our readers with content on exciting new products. But these events also allow us to interact with the community in ways beyond just social media. Generally, we visit with vendors who are showcasing their newest products. However, due to the coronavirus outbreak, Pax …

A Display of KillR Talent at Pax East 2020

KillR_Modz Gaming Box
When I first got into shooting video, I wanted something unique that would make my reviews stand out from others. In a search for a basic motherboard stand, I was introduced to Ismael Justiniano, aka Tony of KillR_Modz. So, after speaking with Tony, he agreed to make me a few custom motherboard stands for use in reviews. When I received …


2019 has been a great and busy year for gamers.  There were a great number of games released that I can say were game-changing.  One of my favorite games from 2019 was "Death Stranding" for Playstation.  This game really left a positive impression on me as it has a great story and the gameplay.  And who can forget the "Kingdom …

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