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Alphacool Announces Eiswolf GPX-Pro & NexXxos GPX Coolers

Alphacool has the perfect cooling solutions for the start of the new AMD Vega graphics card generation.

With the Eiswolf GPX-Pro ATI RX Vega and the NexXxoS GPX – ATI RX Vega coolers, Alphacool has the perfect cooling solutions for the start of the new AMD Vega graphics card generation.

The NexXxoS GPX Vega Version now offers an improved backplate with a side shield to cover the PCB. This also improves its cooling performance, since heat is distributed more evenly over the front connection. If you use a graphics card with a NexXxoS GPX cooler and want to switch over to an AMD Vega, you’ll be happy to hear about the corresponding upgrade kits for your cooler.

The Eiswolf GPX-Pro will still be an AIO solution, and will still come pre-filled with an integrated pump built around new “reverse flow” technology for whisper-quiet operation. The pure copper radiator from the well-known NexXxoS series with 120mm and a thickness of 45mm provides outstanding cooling performance.
For bigger solutions an alternative ST30 version has been created – “The Eiswolf GPX-Pro 240mm”.

Of course, the Eiswolf GPX-Pro will also be available in a pre-filled Eisbaer Ready version, which can be integrated into any cooling loop. You can attach it with the pre-assembled quick connectors, or use the standard G1/4” connectors at any connection point.

Alphacool Eiswolf 120 GPX Pro ATI RX Vega M01

With the Alphacool Eiswolf, we offer an extremely quiet high-performance cooler for every current graphics card on the market. A closed water cooling system which is easy to install and can be easily and simply extended by a quick-release closure.


Alphacool uses a completely new design for the pump to minimize the pump noise and increase the performance. The sucking pump is born. The sucking principle creates less turbulence in the water for a more even flow. This makes the pump nearly inaudible. A novelty on the AiO market.

The cooler comes naturally with a backplate, which is directly connected to the cooler after assembly and thus ensures a better heat transfer and distribution. This significantly increases the cooling performance. In addition, this also improves the look, since the PCB of the graphics card is hardly visible from the side. Only an opening for the power connections and SLI / CrossFire connectors remain free. The cooler is also modular. If you buy a new graphics card does not have to buy the complete cooler again. Only the aluminum part has to be replaced. Alphacool offers special upgrade kits. This reduces your costs for the next upgrade. This is also unique in the AIO segment.

The hoses and connections are also based on classical water cooling components. The hose is covered with anti-kink springs and has the size 11/8 mm. The connections are based on the classic G1/4″ thread and can therefore easily be exchanged for other models or sizes if desired.

With the two quick-release locks, the cooler can be easily integrated into each cooling circuit. If you are using the Alphacool Eisbaer CPU AIO water cooling, you can simply combine these with the Eiswolf GPX-Pro via the quick-release fasteners. With the Eisbaer they also have a redundant system since they then have two pumps in the circuit. If one should fail, the second pump is able to maintain the cooling circuit. This is security at the highest level.

Alphacool NexXxos GPX – ATI RX Vega M01

With the new NexXxoS GPX coolers, Alphacool is once again a step ahead! Optimal performance and quality in one offers this new cooling concept for little money!


The GPU is actively cooled by a newly invented injection technology. All other chips are adequately cooled by the passive cooler, in which the water cooler for the GPU is enclosed.

The cross slot technology patented for the Alphacool NexXxoS XP in 2004 has been further developed. The fins and channel structure have been further refined. The remaining tines are 0.5 x 0.5mm in size and 2.5mm in height. This allows a very large and fast heat transfer from the copper to the cooling medium.

Due to the outgoing inlet and outlet, these coolers can also be used without great effort in SLI operation. Up to four graphics cards can also be connected to the Alphacool GPX SLI Connector.

The scope of delivery now includes a backplate, which once again cools the graphics card with small passive cooling ribs, gives the graphics card a perfect impression and at the same time protects.

The passive cooling is carried out by means of perfectly matched, barely 18mm deep cooling ribs, which completely cover the rest of the graphics card. Thanks to a light air circulation in the housing, this cooler does not match the conventional coolers.

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