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ASUS R9 Nano White Edition Video Card Surfaces

A new white version of the AMD Radeon R9 Nano from ASUS surfaced on their website showing an alternate look for the mini-graphics card. The compact gaming solution measures a mere 15.24 x 11.5 x3.9 cm and this new look would go well with many of ASUS’ current white-themed motherboards. ASUS is also curious whether this is something many users want. To voice your opinion on the matter, visit http://strawpoll.me/5839774/r and let ASUS know if this design (pictured below) is good or if going for an all-white (including fans) look would be preferable.

  • Graphics Engine:AMD Radeon R9 NANO
  • Bus Standard:PCI Express 3.0
  • OpenGL:OpenGL®4.5
  • Video Memory:4GB High Bandwidth Memory (HBM)
  • Engine Clock: 1000 MHz
  • Memory Clock: 500 MHz
  • Memory Interface: 4096-bit
  • Digital Max Resolution:4096×2160
  • Interface:HDMI Output : Yes x 1 (Native), Display Port : Yes x 3 (Native) (Regular DP),HDCP Support : Yes
  • Software:ASUS GPU Tweak II & Driver
  • Dimensions: 6 ” x 4.5 ” x 1.5 ” Inch (15.24 x 11.5 x3.9 Centimeter)

Aligning with the range of “white” motherboards under ASUS signature series, such as the X99 series & Z170 series motherboards. ASUS’s graphics card division is preparing a new addition to its selection of white GPUs. Currently builders can use the ASUS GTX 970 & 960 Turbo which comes in white. The new ASUS R9 NANO white edition offers an option for users who want an AMD enabled solution while also offering up small form factor builders a outstanding graphics card in regards to the performance its offers relative to ultra small form factor.

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