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Bitfenix Aegis Case Review: Maximizing mATX

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Final Thoughts

Computer cases have become an extension of the user’s personality and are now beyond purely utilitarian. This is why unique case designs get a lot of attention but ultimately, it should not be so conceptually out there that it loses any functional aspect of design. The Bitfenix Aegis balances form with its function, sporting a clean look but without being boxy or even needlessly angular. This is not a case that can be mistaken for anything else other than a Bitfenix case, having a playful aesthetic externally but has a comfortable and seriously well thought out interior.

Since the Bitfenix Aegis leans more towards the liquid-cooling crowd, its internals are designed in a way that can accommodate these components. Despite the increased popularity, custom liquid cooling remains a small niche activity in PC DIY relative to standard air-cooled systems hence it is not a risk-free move trying to appeal to this crowd. Especially considering the typical water-cooling enthusiast would not mind shelling a lot more money for more expensive cases that offer extensive water-cooling support, so it is not so easy to convince them to go for a more affordable option often. The good thing is that Bitfenix gets a lot of things right with the Aegis and has many bold design decisions not seen in other cases. The lack of a 5.25″ drive is very forward thinking and although this limits drive mounting options, it is ultimately a dwindling subset of users who still require an optical drive. Fan controllers are also typical 5.25″ devices but Bitfenix integrates a fan controller into the IO so this is not an issue. Functionally however, if Bitfenix truly wants to appeal to the water-cooling crowd, a fan-hub would have been more useful than a fan controller so that more fans can be attached. The customizable front panel LCD badge is also a unique perk that cements Bitfenix as a company always looking to make customization for end-users as accessible as possible especially when paired with their modding product offerings such as LEDs and custom cables.

The Bitfenix Aegis is a standout case for its looks as well as purpose. It does not have any major design flaws that undermine its functionality although it has a couple of small quirks that can be irritating such as the 2.5″ angled connector clearance and the magnetic dust filter not being able to cling as thoroughly as I would have wished. Thankfully solutions for these are easy to execute (such as simply providing a cut-out for the mounting area, etc). Although there is only one fan bundled, it is fairly quiet and those with water-cooling ideas will be installing their own fans for the radiator anyway so bundling more fans would be wasteful and just add to the cost. If you are a user that is using an all-in-one CPU cooler now but wish to take the plunge to a full custom-loop down the line will find that the Bitfenix Aegis flexibly comforting and will accommodate higher-end components with ease out of the box and without the high price-tag. It is fun, provides colorful options, has a roomy interior but do not mistake it for a clown car. There is enough luxury inside to shame some pricier rivals and there are some serious innovative ideas implemented that will surely be imitated by other manufacturers soon.

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