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Case Mod Contest Winners of the QuakeCon at Home Event

They are all winners in our eye

The Modders Inc Case Mod Contest for QuakeCon at Home came to an end with the announcement of the winner on August 9th, 2020 right before the Quake Championship. We had some really awesome case mods from talented modders. What we enjoy about these kinds of case mod contest are the diversity and the creativity of the modders. Each and every one of the mods has its own special feature, the creativity of the modder. Without this, we would see the same stuff over and over again.

As Dewayne and Craig go through the announcement of all the winners in each division, they also add some insight on their favorite or not so favorite parts about each case mod. Every person sees something a little bit different, but when being a judge you have to have a trained eye and be consistent on what you are looking for and judging on.  With 9+ years of judging case mods, they have a really good idea of what makes or breaks a case mod. Learn from them in the video as they give some really good suggestions, ideas, and insight on the little details that can change the outcome of your case mod whether it be in a contest or just to show off to your friends.

We would like to say thanks to our great sponsors of the Case Mod Contest for QuakeCon at Home.



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Take a look at the video to see the winners are and learn a few things about them and what judges look for in contests.


You can check out all the entries at the QuakeCon at Home Case Mod Contest Entries Page

If you have a PC case mod that you would like us to feature or talk about in a video please go to the Modders Inc Contact Page and drop us a note

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