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DropCam Wireless IP Camera

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dropcam wireless ip camera dropcam wireless ip camera

 The packaging of the Dropcam wireless IP camera is nice and simple. The front of the box prominently displays the camera inside as well as gives a little bit of information on the device’s intended usage. The backside of the box details “how it works” by explaining that the camera connects to cloud storage and you get to watch from Dropcam’s servers.

dropcam wireless ip camera dropcam wireless ip camera

Tucked neatly inside the box is everything that you need to get the camera up and running, as long as you have a wireless network. The quick start card tells you everything that you need to know to get started with the Dropcam wireless IP camera. The camera kit includes a power inverter, USB cable, camera, camera mount, mounting plate, and screws for the mounting plate.

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  1. Well, I have the DropCam and am thinking of getting the DropCam Pro – Its have better everything and its about $50.00 more. I would like to see someone make a mod that allows the user to use there own Hard Drive and store the video it sees, I dont want to pay a monthly fee to DropCam.

  2. I second that. The bandwidth-eating upload/download transfers are too much, I read someone calculating around 60GB per dropcam monthly upload. That’s not even on dropcam pro! If there’s a hack that would allow diverting the camera video signal to a pogoplug device on the same network. There’s a drawback to doing this, if the thief steals the hard drive with the dropcam, then it defeats the purpose of having this system in the first place.

  3. Dropcam is nice, but its business model is flawed. The camera is expensive; and it only works with Dropcam’s cloud service, which is even more expensive; it uses too much bandwidth that will significantly slow down your Internet connection. It requires Internet connection all the time and does not support local storage or local streaming. If you have more than one Dropcams, the cost will be even more expensive and you are likely to hit your ISP’s usage limit.

  4. We’ve been using our Dropcam with one of the outdoor cases from dropcamcases.com to watch our dog in the garden while at work and they work amazingly well! Love that cam!

  5. +1 I was disappointed when I found out that Dropcam didn’t have an outdoor model, but I also found the dropcase enclosures and they work nicely, even in the rain

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