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Dupli-Color Copper Plate Coating Review

The Dupli-Color Copper Plate Coating is an interesting paint product I recently came across in an auto-parts store. This two-can product is primarily marketed for giving chromed rims a durable copper color. It doesn’t create a reflective chrome appearance, but rather works by laying down layers of transparent, yellow coloring on top of existing finishes. Out of curiosity I bought a set to see if it has any application for case modders, or similar hobbyists.


The product itself is very easy to use: first spray multiple thin coats of copper, followed by a few coats of the clear coat. Each copper layer adds a shade of yellow, allowing the painter to choose shades of color ranging from  light gold to rich dark copper. See below to see what a shiny soup can looks like bare, with an intermediate coat, and with a heavier coat. The gradient effect is the result of an intentionally uneven coat of paint (and not the angle of viewing or reflections of the surroundings).

img_1269 img_1271 img_1304

Ventilation is a must; this is a very potent smelling spray that can quickly fumigate a room or garage. Fumes aside, this product is very easy to work with. I quickly and carelessly laid down the copper and clear coat on a humid day, and the end result was free of runs or orange peel.


The bare copper coat was also quite durable; after drying, I was unable to damage it with my fingernail. The cans are marketed as “Nick, Chip, and Fading resistant”, and I suspect that the clear coat is only necessary if the finished product is facing damage from road debris.

Out of curiosity, I also tried the spray on some scrap acrylic. Surprisingly, the acrylic accepted the copper and clear coat as easily as the metal, creating a yellowed, aged appearance.

Blue lighter included to show level of transparency

Overall, Dupli-Color Copper Plate Coating is an effective, easy tool for recoloring objects with shades of yellow or copper. If you’re in need of yellowing acrylic, metal, or other similar materials, this product is for you.

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