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Dupli-Color Perfect Match Universal Chrome Review

As we have discussed in the past, spray paint lids can lie, promising a paint finish that the product itself cannot deliver. That’s why I raised an eyebrow when I spotted a can of “Universal Chrome” at the store, with a flawless mirror finish on the cap. I was skeptical to say the least while checking out, but you never know: Dupli-Color is a well-established paint manufacturer whose products have served me well in the past.  Would the finished paint job stack up to the flawless mirror cap? Let’s find out.

This product is straightforward to use: shake for 60 seconds, then three light coats separated by 10 minute intervals, followed by at least 30 minutes to dry. Simple enough. The spray wasn’t especially noxious smelling, and sprayed on easily. The test piece was a simple blue cap from a food jar:

So, what was the result? Well, it isn’t mirror finish, but it’s still the best finish I have seen from a rattle-can chrome product:

The result in a mildly reflective silver finish. As shown by the red lighter, the finish reflects pretty well for up-close items. However, this reflectiveness quickly diminishes for objects more than a few inches away:

If this were a true mirror chrome finish, you would be able to clearly see me and my camera reflected in the flat surface.

Beyond the finish itself, it’s worth noting that this paint strongly shows even the tiniest fleck of dust or imperfection. Despite multiple attempts and a normally successful technique of painting outside and drying away from any wind, I was unable to get a perfect finish. I would recommend using this product in a very well- cleaned area, or perhaps a professional or improvised paint booth.

Overall, the Dupli-Color Perfect Match Universal Chrome paint doesn’t live up to the cap, but is still a good buy if you want a relatively easy, relatively reflective silver metal finish.

Michael Kraft

Michael is an impressionable 20- something and notorious cheapskate. He hopes to teach the world about how to maximize your mod:dollar ratio, while obscuring the fact that he's making this up as he goes along.


  1. Really disappointed in the perfect match universal chrome paint , it came out grey with hardly any chrome look.I guess just a waste of over $10.
    Jerry Leach

  2. You can get some bad cans. I have bought 2-3 at a time for projects and have 1-2 of them be bad. Sometimes it is risk with specialty paints. Just take it back and tell them the can was bad. Most places will if there is still a goof amount left in the can.

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