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GeForce Garage: How to Prep and Paint Your PC Case

Spray can mastery


Painting is an essential skill that every case modder should know but if you have no previous experience working with paint, knowing where to start and what is involved can be confusing. As part of their on-going effort to spark creativity, NVIDIA’s GeForce garage tackles the topic of painting featuring our very own Editor-in-Chief Dewaye Carel. He flew to NVIDIA HQ in California to demonstrate step-by-step how to achieve a great looking paint job on your pc using affordable and easily available equipment from any local hardware store.

This is the third part of NVIDIA’s Antec 900 series casemod project. The first part featured Rod Rosenberg of BSMods demonstrating how to cut-out a custom sidepanel window while the second part is with Brian White of UnitedWeMod who showed how to install a motherboard skirt on a casemod. For those who prefer a printable version of Dewayne’s painting guide, NVIDIA has also provided a step-by-step photo PDF that is easy to follow, available for download here.

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