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Professional Gaming Chair for Everyone

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Closer Look and Assembly

The entire chair sits on a five stem stainless steel base. The base has a nice weight to it of about 15 LB. With a solid base you have a less of a risk of flipping the chair and getting injured. Each end of the steel base has mounting hole for the rollers. The base wheels are made from plastic with metal stems. To install the wheels you simply push them into the hole until they click in place. Simple and fast installation.

The end points are welded to the base ring and as you can see from the pictures above the seams are well done. The stainless steel base is highly reflective and provides that luxurious look to the rest of the chair.

Moving our attention to the sitting part of the chair we find that the base material is polyurethane leather. In the final stages of synthetic leather curing a polyurethane is being applied to the top leather. This material offers some advantages such as being waterproof, ability to be dry cleaned and being much lighter than a real leather. The only down side of polyurethane leather is that it could tear easily as a comparing to a real leather however, it does not crack or fade.

The stitching is done with three different color threads, Red, White and Black. The bottom of the seat has a protective cloth which is threaded with black thread. This protects and hides the plywood underneath. There are few embroidered logos on COBRA-PRO. Some of the lettering has tiny little threads sticking out. I do not recommend pulling them out. If you are daring enough, you might be able to either cut or burn them off.

The big logo of COBRA with an actual image of a cobra is displayed on head rest. The back of the chair is a long zipper that allow users to remove the back part of the chair for cleaning.

The arm rests of COBRA-PRO have an aluminum base and plastic handles. The material is easily scratchable so I would recommend care. The actuator for tilt and height of the chair is perhaps the heaviest part of COBRA-PRO. This actuator provides ability to tilt the chair or adjust the required height.

The Gas Spring is custom made for E-BLUE Cobra. This is a Class 4 TUG Gas Spring which allows a smooth operation to bring the chair up or down. The included hardware are all hex screws. E-BLUE provides a small Allen Wrench for installation.

My son was eager to start assembling the chair and of course I had to take few shots of him installing the components. The overall installation is pretty straight forward. E-BLUE included a comprehensive installation guide for COBRA-PRO. The whole installation took just about fifteen minutes.

What we thought was cool is the back cover for the seat actuator. Some chair manufacturers do not bother to cover up bare metal however, that’s not the case with COBRA-PRO.

When assembled it was easy to see what type of chair COBRA-PRO is. This is a bucket type of a chair. The thighs have support to make your body stay in a particular shape. The mid-section also provides a curved support for the body. The arm rests have adjustable height and offer a 360 degree of rotation.

COBRA-PRO has a lockable tilt function. This means that the whole base tilts as you recline. I find this most beneficial than other full reclining options on chairs.

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