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Enermax Giant Ostrog Mid-Tower Computer Case

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Enermax Giant Ostrog Mid-Tower Computer Case

The Enermax Giant Ostrog is a mid-tower cased aimed at the upper end of the budget market. A quick search on Amazon shows that the case sells for $74.99 USD.

Enermax has done a fantastic job with the Giant Ostrog. The design of the Giant Ostrog is less industrial and more towards a war machine of sorts. The exterior is not boring by any means. On the inside, the Giant Ostrog continues to excel. The case is roomy enough to fit a ton of hardware. A lot of thought went into the internal design of the case. The removable hard drive cage to allow longer video cards in a compact mid tower case is a nice touch. Just because it may be a little smaller doesn’t mean that cooling is compromised. The Giant Ostrog has spots for a total of twelve fans.

Installation was a snap. While not completely tool less it is mostly tool less. All the parts went in without an issue. Sharp corners or unfinished edges are not an issue. Cable management with this case allows for most of the wires and cables to be ran behind the motherboard tray and out of sight. That is a major plus with a large case window on the side. Wires and cables can be secured using the included zip ties and standoffs on the back side of the motherboard tray.  I’d recommend the Giant Ostrog for anyone looking to build a unique looking case on a budget.


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