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EVGA DG-77 Alpine White Midtower Review

Lightning In A Glass Bottle

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Build & Final Thoughts

After working with the EVGA DG-77 for several weeks, we came away very impressed with what you get for the money (even at MSRP). Then came our temperature throttling experience with the Intel Core i9-9900K. Although pulling off the front panel helped, it is less than ideal. Then again, you can’t expect to put what effectively amounts to a glass jar over a PC and expect it not to heat up. EVGA is not the only case manufacturer that appears to be willing to sacrifice cooling performance for a clean-looking front panel, but we appreciate that the DG-77 still looks good without the glass. We also think a thicker gauge of steel may have mitigated the frame flexing we encountered in the PSU bay and the very slight concavity of the top panel. Again, these issues are not visible unless you dismantle the DG-77 and inspect it closely. There are some bold choices here, and we applaud EVGA. With some careful component choices, the DG-77 can make a strikingly beautiful system that performs well. At the prices we are seeing, this case is worth every penny, but if you can only find it at MSRP, we recommend giving it a pass.

Modders-Inc Recommended Hardware Award

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