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Gigabyte WaterForce 3 Way SLI Review: A Force to Reckoned With

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Gigabyte Water ForceThere comes a time when you have to do something outrageous in order to advance yourself. The companies that are always in the forefront are continuously on this edge, pushing and striving for better products. As a consumer we might ask: Why in the world would they make this and who will buy it? Gigabyte has the answer to both of these questions. Why make it? because we can and to prove point. Who? someone who wants the best. In this review we will be looking at the Gigabyte WaterForce 3 Way Sli GTX 980 setup to see what it brings to the table by forcing the hands of the other manufactures.

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First Look

What exactly is the Gigabyte WaterForce 3 Way SLI you might ask and it is a very good question. Think of it as the ultimate water cooled SLI setup that is all plug and play. Literally, all you have to do is unpack it, install the hardware, software drivers and you are on your way to sights not seen before.



Unlike other items that you have purchased this one comes in its very own suite case. All the items that you need are well placed and protect to insure that you large investment arrives undamaged.


So we know from the title of the article that this is a 3 way SLI setup, but what makes it so special? How about three Gigabyte Nvidia GTX980’s that come already setup for water cooling.



3-way SLI Gaming Graphics Cards


GPU GeForce GTX 980
Core Base Clock 1228 MHz (ref. 1127)
Core Boost Clock 1329 MHz (ref. 1216)
Memory Clock 7010 MHz
Memory Size 4096MB
Bus Type PCI Express 3.0
Memory Bus 256-bit
CUDA Cores 2048
Memory Type GDDR5 128Mx32
DirectX 12
DVI Port 1*DVI-I / 1*DVI-D
DisplayPort 3
Multi-View 4 (Support NVIDIA Surround View)


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