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H-Lock Window Trim

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Cut out the window with your tool(s) of choice. Remember to finish out the window hole with a file and sand paper to get it smooth and burr less.

H-Lock Window Trim 1
Finished hole in panel

Cutting the plexiglass


     Place your plexiglass under the hole in the side panel that was just cut. The window needs to be a 1/4" smaller all the way around for the trim to fit right. Using a 1/4"washer works great. Once placed, get a felt-tip pen and a 1/4" washer.

H-Lock Window Trim 2
Placed plexiglass and 1/4" washer

     Hold the plexiglass and side panel still. Taping it on opposite sides to hold it in place is a good idea. Run the pen around the inside of the 1/4" washer while pushing the washer against the inside edge of the panel. This will give you the correct spacing for the trim.

H-Lock Window Trim 3
Marking the plexi with the washer

     Cut out the window on the line you just made. Finish up the edges with a file andsandpaper till the line is gone. Peel back the protective film just an inch or two on both sides for installation. Use tape, if needed, to keep the film out of the way.

H-Lock Window Trim 4
Finish plexi and film taped back



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