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H-Lock Window Trim

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H lock Trim and window Installation

     Insert the H Lock trim into the metal panel with the small groove towards the panel and mark it. Cut it 1/8" longer. This is needed for a nice tight fit.

H-Lock Window Trim 1
fitting and marking H-Lock Trim


     Reinstall the trim in the metal panel with the small groove towards the metal. Get your plexiglass and insert it into the trim. This is a tight fit and may need to be worked in with your fingers a little at a time, if you use a tool to help work the window in make sure it is plastic (like the handle of plastic cutlery) but you will risk scratching the window while using it.

H-Lock Window Trim 2
Rolling the inner lip so the plexi fits in

Finishing Up

     I have read that the lock strip isn't as needed in a computer as the trim is for cars. If you work on, move, or go to LANs a lot I would be on the safe side and install it. Take the locking strip, measure, mark and cut the same as the trim. Start to install it into the locking groove by starting on the opposite side of where the H Lock was started. You can use your plastic spoon handle to help push the lock strip into the channel, but be careful not to hit the window.

H-Lock Window Trim 3
top circle is start of lock strip, bottom circle is start of the H-lock


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