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Laying out a pattern

I transfer my patterns several ways to my material.

1 – I will print out the design I am using and then cut it out of the paper with scissors and a razor knife.  Put masking tape on the surface of your piece and tape your pattern to the protected surface. This really helps protect your piece from scratches during ruff forming. Outline your pattern with a Sharpie marker onto the masking tape and remove the pattern. Or trace pattern with razor knife.



2 – Print your pattern on Frisket film. This is a low tack clear sheet that is used by artist for masking.  After printing let it dry completely ( ink dries very slowly on plastic ).  Place this on your chosen material and you have a perfect pattern to follow. 

DSCN9187  DSCN9194

 DSCN9628  DSCN9641

DSCN9412   DSCN9419 




Using a printer with card stock or thicker paper is a great way to make a pattern.  I had the great advantage of my

good Friend Sam ( do until Loopy ) helping me with this pattern.  He is one of the best renders I have ever seen.

This could be done from a picture just the same, but a clean image is easier to transfer.

DSCN9418  DSCN9439

Most of the time I use a razor knife and scratch the design directly to the surface.  Take your time and keep a steady hand, because little slips cause big sanding latter.  They will happen though, The surfaces can get pretty ruffed up during the process but it all comes together at the end.  You’ll notice from the pictures that I don’t always follow what I told you.  When I made these pieces I wasn’t even sure if I could do these pieces.  I’m learning just like you.  Protecting the front surface is a double edge sword. You don’t want to scratch it anymore than necessary, but when you are filing very close to your cut lines the tape obscures your view. So keep tape on as long as possible or be prepared for extra sanding at the end if you have any slips.


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  1. This build is, so far to this date, going back to the 90’s, for me my most favorite MOD/Build!
    Saying “I Love This” is not enough. What’s your address? I want to steal it!
    THIS MOD !,,!, ROCKS ,!,,!
    Job Well Done Michael Kaiser.

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