Lessons of Painting a PC Case

Harsh Lessons of Paint: Poppin’ Paint Cans

Spray paint cans are a remarkably stable combination of high pressure gasses and flammable chemicals. However, this stability can be seriously compromised by exposing the can to unusual situations. For example, here’s what a hot Texas sun can do to an innocent can of Rust-oleum primer:


The bottom completely bowed out, but fortunately it didn’t rupture. This serves as stark lesson that there are some unexpected hazards for aerosol sprays. Always keep your spray cans inside and away from hot lights, running engines, heat guns, etc. This lesson extends outside the modding world as well: this unfortunate family lost their home after a can of hairspray was heated to the point of explosion by an unattended hairdryer.

In conclusion, keep your cans cool and live to mod another day!


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