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ID-COOLING Releases T60-SFX Mini Gaming Case

ID-COOLING Releases T60-SFX Mini Gaming Case. A Compact Design Made of Aluminum


ID-COOLING releases the second Mini Case T60-SFX in the Mini-ITX Series. As an old manufacturer of cooling products, ID-COOLING developed V.C.V.P. technology for CPU Coolers. Silencer-ITX is their first compact case in the form of passive solution for silence lovers.

T60-SFX (6)


The new Mini Case T60-SFX is also featuring compact design. Although small, this case is able to accommodate one SFX power supply, Mini-ITX motherboard, tower CPU cooler height less than 124mm, and dual-slot VGA card up to 260mm. As to hard disk, you can mount one 3.5” HDD and two 2.5” HDD/SSD at most. There’s one 92mm fan included on the rear as a pull-out fan.

1200-T60-SFX (2)

Made of aluminum, net weight is 3kg, easy to move around. Overall dimension is 310X252X128mm.

1200-T60-SFX (1)


The MSRP for this Mini Gaming Case is $79.99.

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