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Kingston HyperX Cloud Stinger Review: Featherlight

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Performance and Testing Results

My time with Cloud Stinger was short however, I gave Cloud Stinger as much attention as I usually give to gaming headsets. Areas where I have used Cloud Stinger is FPS gaming and music listening.  In both cases I had a really good experience with Cloud Stinger.  What I have noticed is the max volume level to be somewhat lower than I was expecting.  Over all sound reproduction was spot on in my opinion.  High pitches sounds were reproduced without distortion at low or maximum levels.  Bass in Cloud Stinger was pretty good as well.  At high levels I was expecting some distortions and “feeling the bass” however all I had was nice and clean full bass sounds.  You want to hear the bass, not feel it and I think Cloud Stinger did a good job on that part.

I haven’t experienced any electromagnetic interference with Cloud Stinger.  One of the tests I do with headsets is I walk or stand in front of the microwave to see what kind of interference I would get.  In this case, I haven’t noticed any distortions in sound reproduction.

Wearing Cloud Stinger over time span of 3 hours was not an issue.  I usually get ear fatigue but with Cloud Stinger I honestly think I could game longer.  Comfortable ear cups and spongy head cushion was a right fit for my head.

Microphone experience was a pleasant one as well. You are not going to get studio type of performance with Cloud Stinger but for gaming and skyping I think it will do the job.


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