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Logitech G11 Gaming Keyboard

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A Closer Look

   The G11 has a sleek and thin design with only a total of one inch at its thickest point. The overall width is 21 inches, which is only about 2 inches more (give or take) than a typical keyboard. The added width is from the addition of the G Series Marco Keys that are located to the left side of the keyboard. The depth is 9 inches, without wrist support, and is 11 inches with it attached. 

The channels located on the underside the Logitech G11 keyboard are there to run your mouse, headphones or other devices that you may use while playing games or just surfing the net. This is done to help make sure all unnecessary cables are kept out of your way.

Two leg supports are also included, which raise the Logitech G11 Keyboard up 5/8 of an inch. They of course fold completely out of the way, if not needed, to allow the G11 to lay flat.

Two USB ports are located on the top left and right sides of the keyboard. Since the G11 keyboard uses a USB connection it only seems natural to add a few ports for easy access. You could plug in you Logitech G5 mouse into one of the ports, run the cable through the channels under the keyboard, and have a very clean looking desk and playing field.

Directly in the top center of the Logitech G11 keyboard is the Media Controls. The large silver button in the middle is a finger touch spinning volume control. The four other controls are for your play, stop/pause, forward and reverse. Pretty much all you need here after all it is a gaming keyboard, but it is nice to have when not gaming and enjoying you favorite tunes of movies.


This switch is used to disable the dreaded “Windows Keys”. How many times have you been in the heat of battle and POP, you are at the desktop. Personally I find this to be one of the best options available on the keyboard and should be included with all Logitech keyboards. I know that there is a “No Caps Lock” key movement out there and I think there should be one for that dang “Windows Key”. By sliding the switch to the right you put the keyboard into the gsming mode and you disable the Windows Keys. Putting it back to the left returns you the normal keyboard mode.


The button to the left is an on/off button for your sound. At first I thought “OK, why?” then after having the option available I found it to very convenient to use. If someone wants to talk to you or you need to answer the phone you don’t need to go looking for your volume control. Just press the button and it is off in a flash.


The button to the right is used to adjust the level of brightness of all the keyboard keys. Logitech says that there are three levels one being off, medium, and bright. I found myself leaving the keyboard on all the time, even during the day. I would leave it in the medium position as it would illuminate the keys to just the right level. Ok, I am not a touch type person so I need to be able to see the keys…lol 


So here is what all the hype is about, the 18 programmable keys. You have 3 sets of six keys that you can program to do anything you want. But wait that’s not all, with the M1, M2, and M3 buttons you get 3 full sets of 18 keys to set to macros. That’s an amazing 54 macros that you can have ready to go.  


Ah, but there is yet another key that takes this setup the next level the “MR” button. What does it do for you? Why you are able to push this little beauty and program any of the G Keys on the fly.

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