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Logitech Z4 2.1 Speakers

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Logitech is best known for being at the top of the peripherals market with their stellar mice and keyboards. Their forays into the world of sound, however, have been noted as somewhat hit and miss. With the general opinion of the Z3 speaker combo being that of “lackluster”, we were interested in seeing how it’s predecessor, the Z4 2.1 combo, would perform in comparison. Has Logitech improved over the short-comings of the Z3, and is the Z4 combo a worthwhile investment for gamers and music enthusiasts? Check out our review to find out!

Logitech Z4 2.1 Speakers 2.1, Logitech, Speakers, Z4 1

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First Impression

     I have to admit, I’ve been a headphones man for most of my days as gamer, digital artist, and all-around computer user. I like the closeness of headphones, and I’ve always believed that a good set of headphones would provide the best of a sense of immersion, due to being able to drown out or completely silence outside noise. So, when the Logitech Z4 2.1 Speaker set arrived for review, I volunteered to write the review not only to see how the product stands up on its own right, as well as how it stacks up against my semi-bias for headphones.

Logitech Z4 2.1 Speakers 2.1, Logitech, Speakers, Z4 2

Logitech Z4 2.1 Speakers 2.1, Logitech, Speakers, Z4 3


Logitech Z4 2.1 Speakers 2.1, Logitech, Speakers, Z4 4

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