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LUXA2 PL3 10400mAh Leather Power Bank Review

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Whenever I’m out enjoying a cup of coffee and my smartphone runs out of juice i open my shoulder backpack to get whichever portable battery i happen to carry along with me since i never leave home without one. Now up till this day usually whenever i did that people stared at me like I was from mars or something similar but a week ago that changed since i wasn’t the only one with a portable battery at that cafe (there were portable batteries on two tables near my own). I know that portable batteries are not something new and I’ve seen people use then abroad but where i live things are not as “advanced” when it comes to electronics so although many of my friends have such devices (i try to keep all of them up to date) this was the very first time I’ve seen people use them in public. The battery pack i was using back then was the latest PL3 10400mAh leather power bank by LUXA2 which is also what today’s review is all about.

LUXA2 PL3 10400mAh Leather Power Bank Review @ NikKTech


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