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Meshify 2 RGB Update

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Conclusion and Final Thoughts

So there you have it. The Meshify 2 has been updated to include some much-needed features that were missing on the original Meshify 2. Except for the items listed above, the Meshify 2 RGB is the same as its older sibling.

Meshify 2
Current OG Meshify 2 build for reference

Depending on your configuration these changes may be positive or negative. In my specific use case, all of the parts that I currently use in my daily driver in the Meshify 2 will fit into the Meshify 2 RGB just like they do now. However, the visual aesthetic at the front of the case has been fixed. The front of the case when lit up looks clean and in my opinion well thought out. In my original build, I am using an EKWB distro panel and EKWB water blocks on both the GPU and CPU long with the VARDAR RGB fans. The radiator at the top is 360mm. So in this situation, all the parts will transfer over without an issue. However, if you’ve jam-packed the Meshify 2 with hardware and a large radiator etc, you may run into clearance issues.  However, that’s the trade-off of the mounting brackets for the front fans that Fractal chose to use on the Mesihfy 2 RGB.

Meshify 2 RGB

I would expect to get the same cooling performance from the Meshify 2 RGB that I do from the original Meshify 2. The cable management, the ease with which installation went, and all the things that led me to award the Meshify 2 the Editor’s Choice award are still there. The addition of the RGB controller is a nice feature in my opinion as well as 4 RGB fans included in the RGB version. I don’t think I’ve actually used the reset button in at all so the inclusion of an RGB controller and a way to set up the controller is a nice addition.


At launch, the Meshify 2 retailed for $239-$249 depending on which options you chose. Conversely, the Meshify 2 RGB launches at $175. I still believe the Meshify 2 (both new and old) are some of the best cases I’ve ever laid my hands on. The construction is solid, and the fit and finish of the case are fantastic.


Modders-Inc Hardware Editors Choice Award



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