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Millennium Falcon PC / MAC Case Mod

A long time ago…

Yeah we have heard that before and many Tatooine moons ago we also saw the first PC case mod that involved putting hardware into a Star Wars toy Millennium Falcon, but this one ads a twist.

Ken Swallow has this to say about his project that was made for a contest.

I had a Mac laptop with a broken hinge, an PC I wasn’t using and an old Star Wars toy with missing parts and thought why not give them all new life in new home. I took out the inside of the toy, worked some magic and added a Mac titanium motherboard with a Micro ATX motherboard, kept the working sounds from the toy, added a few fans and as you can see in the video, they all love their new home.


Yep, that’s right this one has both a PC and a Mac running in. So I guess you could say that is running on both the Lightside and Darkside of the force.

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