Mod-cast #37 – Modding Economics

How we ever make it through one podcast is a mystery to us, but what is not a mystery are the things we talk to you about and keeping you updated in the modding and computer hardware arenas. In this episode, the gang check out the latest updates from the International modders of the Thermaltake Invitational Season 2. Alain Simpel’s Tristellar Whetstone casemod is this episode’s featured casemod. A bit more information is discussed about the Corsair Casemod challenge which just wrapped up and the episode ends with a lengthy discussion about the economics of modding from a seller and a buyer’s perspective: What terms and conditions should be established, seller protection tips and finding a reputable seller.

Episode cast:

  • Craig Tate (Host)
  • Dewayne Carel
  • Ron Perillo
  • Joe Mercado
  • Michael Kraft

Episode Chapters:

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