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Modder’s Tools: Persistent Paint Pens

Mark your life easier paint markers

Let’s be honest: the world of a modder is a messy one. It’s full of wires, components, and a whole universe of random junk that can be easily mixed up or forgotten. This can be a major problem when certain parts need to be clearly identified for the future. Which terminal is positive, or which direction is air supposed to be blowing? Fortunately, there’s a ~$2 fix for this type of problem, and it comes in the form of a paint pen (aka paint marker):


These paint marker pens are the offspring of a can of spray paint and a Sharpie, delivering lines of thick, semi-permanent paint that sticks to metal, plastic, and glass. Inside each is a long tube of liquid paint, which is agitated and mixed with a small ball bearing. If you can’t hear the ball rattle back and forth, the paint is dried and the pen is dead. The marks made by this type of pen are often much more visible than those left by permanent markers, because the paint is solid and opaque.

paint marker


You can buy these pens at a wide variety of shops, including hardware stores, arts and craft stores, and of course online.

I always keep a few markers handy, including in my toolbox, desk, and car. They prove invaluable in day-to-day life. For example, just this month I used them to mark a charging only mini-usb cable, which had caused a good ten minutes of confusion while trying to transfer some files to my phone.




I also used it to designate a contaminated can of paint, which could cause some serious issues if it was used in place of a good one.


Overall, the paint pen is a simple tool that can make life immensely easier. Pick one up today and see what you’ve been missing!

Editors Note: I have see these pens used for creating whole works of art on a case or used as pin-striping (I have done this myself) on other paint graphics placed on a case. There are many different uses and colors of these easy to use paint markers. Check them out here at Amazon – Paint MarkersModder's Tools: Persistent Paint Pens Labeling, Modder's Tools, Organization, Paint Pen 1


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