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MSI A88X-G45 Gaming Motherboard Review

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MSI A88X-G45 Gaming Motherboard

The MSI A88X-G45 Gaming Motherboard and the Gigabyte GA-G1.Sniper motherboard are dang near identical. There is some back and forth going on, but nothing out of the ordinary. With both motherboards having the A88X chipeset, the results fall well within testing tolerances.

MSI A88X-G45 Gaming Motherboard

The Aida64 memory benchmarks show that both boards perform nearly the same. In our testing the MSI A88X-G45 Gaming Motherboard held a very slight advantage over the Gigabyte board in the read and copy tests.

MSI A88X-G45 Gaming Motherboard

In Cinebench, there is virtually no difference between the motherboards.

MSI A88X-G45 Gaming

Handbrake is a video encoding softwareMSI A88X-G45 Gaming Motherboard Review AMD, APU, Gaming, Motherboard, MSI 1. To test, we took a 101 MB MPEG 2 video vile and encoded it to an MP4 file. Handbrake’s results are time in seconds it took to encode the file; a lower time is better. Here the Gigabyte Sniper A88X motherboard takes slightly over a 1 second advantage.

MSI A88X-G45 Gaming Motherboard

With WinRAR, we used the built in benchmark. We let the benchmark run for 1 minute and recorded the reported speed at the time. The results are in kb/s the higher the number the higher the score. The Gigabyte board takes a slight lead here as well.

MSI A88X-G45 Gaming Motherboard

We use PCMark 8 to get a general idea of overall system performance. We ran the PCMark 8 home test which, tests tasks like web browsing, video chatMSI A88X-G45 Gaming Motherboard Review AMD, APU, Gaming, Motherboard, MSI 2, and casual gaming.


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