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New Aerocool Dream Box DIY-Kit Offers Total Case Customization Freedom

Aerocool Dream Box

For some manufacturers, customization is optional but for Aerocool and their new Dream Box DIY-kit, customization is mandatory. Unlike other modder-friendly cases, the new Dream Box DIY-kit allows users to create almost anything they want. It is reminsicent of Antec’s LANboy Air but unlike that case, the Aerocool Dream Box DIY easily assembles together using several connector pieces, much like a K’Nex.  Certain parts for cases such as a front panel IO and PSU mounting plate is included but several pieces of 50, 150 and 20mm aluminum pipes are part of a total 118 parts per kit can be mixed and matched to create any frame, including a non-PC chassis design such as a headset holder.

Aerocool Dream Box

For more creative types, multiple DIY kits can be combined to create more epic pieces and even as a base frame for another mod. MSRP is $149.99 USD in North America. A basic video overview tutorial is available from Aerocool’s website that demonstrates the Dream Box’ assembly and users who have created projects using the kit are encouraged to share it on Aerocool’s Facebook page.

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