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New Jonsbo GA-01 is Not Your Average Monitor Stand

Jonsbo GA-01

Dongguan City, China based Jonsbo is well known in Europe and Asia for their sleek aluminum case designs, some of which have been OEM’ed and have released released in North America under Rosewill’s own line such as their U3 and V4 cases. Their latest product however is not a case but a monitor stand. In typical Jonsbo fashion however, this is not just something used to hold up the computer display, it is made of tempered glass and aluminum, befitting more as a stylistic statement than a purely functional desktop piece.

The Jonsbo GA-01 uses a completely transparent thick tempered glass to hold up the monitor in the middle which is elevated by aluminum pieces on the side. It measures 530 x 210 x 60mm and the tempered glass top supports a maximum weight of 50KG so it is more than enough for any large display as long as it is not one of those old-timey Cathode-Ray Tube monitors. The Jonsbo GA-01 itself is quite hefty, weighing in at 2.7KG because of the solid aluminum pieces and thick glass.

In terms of functionality, the raised area underneath the glass panel can actually house a keyboard and mouse when not in use. A keyboard with a maximum 275 mm wide and 57mm tall can slide underneath and be stowed without a problem. There is also a USB 3.0 hub with two USB connectors available. To complete the premium look, this USB cable is sleeved in black and there is also LED lighting shooting from the side which disperses quite nicely across the glass panel, making the whole setup look very slick.

The GA-01 is also quite affordable with an MSRP of only 39.99€ incl. 19% VAT. The bad news is that it is not available in North America. For creative modder and maker types however, it looks like a solid idea for a simple modding project which is always a good thing whenever  you cannot buy something outright.

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