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CES Unveiled Press Day 2011

CES Unveiled is one of the first events that happens and kicks off the official CES events for the press. The unveil is where some of the manufactures have a…

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Modders-Inc Podcast #20 – QuakeCon 2010 The Pipes are Rattling

  Topics:  The crew is live from QuakeCon 2010 and we talk about the largest free LAN in the US and some modding stuff from the Modders-Inc website.    Podcast…

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CES 2009 from Las Vegas

Once again it is that time of the year for us geeky types to make the trek to the land of plenty, Las Vegas. Each year the town that never…

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Whether you enjoy playing the latest games or creating the most eye-popping demos, game mods or machinima movies, NVISION 2008 is the destination to enjoy, share, learn and see the…

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CES 2008 – What is new this year

CES started way back in 1967 and was first held in New York City. In 1978 the showcase was moved to Las Vegas and within a few years it doubled…

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QuakeCon 2007

Modders-Inc has made the journey for the second time to QuakeCon. This year we will be not be at booth with our mods. This is a plus and a minus…

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CES 2007 (Like a kid in a candy store)

CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is the international showcase for the newest electronic products that will be available to retailers and the general public soon. This event allows everyone to see…

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Well another QuakeCon has passed – 2006

As with all QC events I have been to, they just are not long enough :). AmericanFreak and myself kept a little busy during the event and was not able…

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Modders-Inc at QuakeCon 2006

As the system would be displayed and given away as a prize at QuakeCon what better idea than to base it off of something made by id software. After doing…

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