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NZXT Avatar S Gaming Mouse

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NZXT Avatar S Gaming Mouse Avatar S, Gaming, mouse, NZXT 1

The NZXT mouse is a very durable and competitive mouse, I wish the software was built a bit better and also I would have liked to seen a few extra thumb buttons or DPI switch on the fly. Also not having weight options on it puts a ding on it, for any novice or intermediate gamers this would be a great mouse to learn on before going for the more expensive mice. NZXT put a good powerful laser on the mouse capable of keeping up with most other mice. This is one of the lightest mice I have ever used for its size and its perfect for someone looking for a light weight mouse. The mouse wheel is very comfortable and gives you confidence in being able to switch weapons quickly and efficiently.

NZXT Avatar S Gaming Mouse Avatar S, Gaming, mouse, NZXT 2




Light Weight
True Rubberized Mouse wheel
Teflon Feet
Only 1 Thumb button 
Slender design makes big hands hard to hold
Software is very standard
grip could be better

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