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Phanteks Announces New Additions to Glacier Fittings Series

The new fittings include T-Splitters, GPU extenders, male to male extenders, and 16mm hard tube adapters.

Phanteks, has expanded their water cooling products. Designed to compliment and work seamlessly with their water blocks, Phanteks is excited to announce new additions to the Glacier Fittings Series. The new fittings include T-Splitters, GPU extenders, male to male extenders, and 16mm hard tube adapters. These new fittings brings more options for users to create their own custom water loops.



The fittings are made from premium materials according to the finest standards of craftsmanship from Phanteks. The Glacier Fittings are CNC-machined from solid brass and precisely engineered to create a high flow design for extreme water cooling performance. VITON sealing from the Automotive and Aerospace Industries ensure the best reliability and longevity.


Designed for Performance

  • High flow design with a large inner diameter and a smooth inner surface finish ensures unrestricted waterflow
  • Precisely engineered with tight tolerances for the most reliable and best performing fittings
  • CNC-machined from solid brass to provide high longevity


Viton O-Ring for High Reliability

  • Applied in automotive and aerospace industries
  • Improved durability – resistant to wear and tear during installation
  • Resistant to extreme temperatures and aggressive fluids
  • Viton retains sealing performance for long periods of time


Glacier Availability and Pricing

The new fittings are available in September 2017 with two color options:

Satin Black (BK)


Mirror Chrome (CR)


Model Part Number MSRP
Hard Tubing
16mm Hard Tube Adapter 45° PH-A45_BK_16 / PH-A45_CR_16 $17.99
16mm Hard Tube Adapter 90° PH-A90_BK_16 / PH-A90_CR_16 $19.99
16mm Hard Tube Rotary Fitting 45° PH-RA45_BK16 / PH-RA45_CR16 $19.99
16mm Hard Tube Rotary Fitting 90° PH-RA90_BK16 / PH-RA90_CR16 $19.99
F-F Adapter, G1/4 PH-FFA_BK_G1-4 / PH-FFA_CR_G1-4 $3.99
M-F Rotary Adapter, G1/4 PH-RA_BK_MF / PH-RA_CR_MF $7.99
M-M Adapter, G1/4 PH-MMA_BK_G1-4 / PH-MMA_CR_G1-4 $4.99
T-Splitter Adapter, G1/4 PH-TS_BK_G1-4 / PH-TS_CR_G1-4 $7.99
Multi-GPU 16-22 Adjustable Extender PH-MGE_BK_16

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